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West Gambia Tour - 5 Days

Tour Overview

Take a journey of discovery through the varied avian landscapes that are West Gambia on this immersive birdwatching tour. Beginning with the peaceful serenity in Kotu Creek at dawn, it follows the stunning coastal path and is punctuated by the lively birds in Tanji along with Brufut. Discover the apex and beauty of Africa's Gambia's nature when you head into the interior towards Bonto and Farasuto which are where the woodland birds thrive in the beautiful landscape.

The trip reaches its highest point with a journey to Tendaba in the wild, where the magical mangrove swamps offer a fascinating realm of wing-like marvels. Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Morgan Kunda's vast bush habitats, revealing obscure inland delights hidden in the vast landscape. Each day is filled with exciting new discoveries and unforgettable experiences This trip promises to be an unforgettable adventure through the diverse landscape that is Gambia's birding heaven.


4 nights / 5 days birding

As well as visiting the popular coastal birding destinations, this tour adds in two nights inland exploring the mangrove swamps of Tendaba and the open bush at Morgan Kunda.

Day 1: Spend the early morning birding at Kotu creek before hopping along the coast to Kartong Bird Observatory via Tanji and Brufut (1).

Day 2: Travel to Bonto and Farasuto to enjoy some woodland birding (2).

Day 3: Travel to Tendaba, stopping off enroute at some profitable road-site birding sites, for a boat trip through the mangrove swamps (3).

Day 4: Enjoy the morning walking the open bush habitats at Morgan Kunda to search for inland specialities (4).

Day 5: More birding at some sites surrounding Morgan Kunda before heading back to Kotu via some other road-side birding sites (4).

Note: There is an option available to be led by a Female Bird Guide on all tours across The Gambia and Senegal.

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