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Gambia and Central Senegal Tour - 10 Days


Tour Overview

Take a thrilling 10-day trip through the magnificent avian habitats that are The Gambia and central Senegal. Starting with the abundant diversity that is Kotu Creek along with Lamin Rice fields. Each day begins by early morning trips to some of the most popular birding locations which include Kartong Bird Observatory and the forests that surround Bonto along with Farasuto. Moving to Tendaba and Tendaba, you can immerse yourself into the lush swamps prior to heading to Georgetown to search for the rare African finfoot.


Explore the depths of Senegal and discover that Wassadu is a paradise for birdwatchers. The trip culminates in a thrilling boat cruise through its rivers. Explore the vastness that is Niokolo-koba National Park, home to a variety of avian species. You'll then be going to Koalack to see the captivating sight of scissor-tailed kites. The journey concludes with a visit to Kotu this journey will reveal the varied ecosystems and unique birds of this fascinating region, ensuring an unforgettable experience for nature lovers too.

9 nights / 10 days birding

An exciting tour that ties in a complete tour of The Gambia with five days birding in eastern and central Senegal to pick up a number of species that can't be seen in The Gambia.

Day 1: Spend the early morning birding at Kotu creek before visiting Lamin rice fields and other birding sites near Banjul. We'd then travel to Marakissa river camp for the evening (1).

Day 2: Early morning visit to Kartong Bird Observatory before returning to Marakissa for lunch and some local birding. In the afternoon, we will travel to the woodlands of Bonto and Farasuto (2).

Day 3: More birding at Bonto and Farasuto before travelling to Tendaba, stopping off at some roadside birding sites (3).

Day 4: Relax as we spend a morning exploring the swamps at and surrounding Tendaba before travelling to Georgetown (4).

Day 5: Go in search for the African finfoot in the creeks around Georgetown before travelling to Wassadu (5).

Day 6: Spend the day birding around Wassadu (6).

Day 7: Early morning trip into Niokolo-koba National Park to spend the day birding before returning to Wassadu for an evening boat trip (7).

Day 8: Travelling to Koalack, stopping off at several birding sites throughout the journey (7-8).

Day 9: Spending the day at Koalack birding at various sites before viewing the sectacular roost of scissor-tailed kite (8).

Day 10: Travelling back to Kotu, stopping again to visit some other sites around Tendaba (4).

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Note: There is an option available to be led by a Female Bird Guide on all tours across The Gambia and Senegal.

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