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Full Gambia and Sengal Tour - 14 Days


Tour Overview

Take a full birding trip throughout The Gambia and Senegal, getting lost in the birdlife in this West African hotspot. Starting with Kotu Creek, we'll traverse the lush rice fields and dense forest in Abuko and Lamin and come across a variety of species. Kartong Bird Observatory awaits on day two, providing an entire day of exploring in its gorgeous surroundings. Day three will see us cross into Senegal and Toubakuta's beauty along the river awaits. Then, we will visit the stunning scissor-tailed kite nest in Kaolack in day 4.


When we travel towards St Louis on day five strategically scheduled stops bring the chance to enjoy a birding experience throughout the journey. The wetlands along the coast as well as Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary captivate on days 6 and 7 which is followed by the beautiful areas surrounding Richard Toll on day eight. The return trip towards Kaolack the following day is punctuated with break in the birding along the way, which leads the way to Wassadu for the days 10 and 11 and eleven, where the Niokolo-Koba National Park promises unparalleled sights. The days 12-14 will explore Georgetown's canals and the mangrove swamps of Tendaba and culminating in a triumphant return trip to Kotu for the end of our memorable trip.


13 nights / 14 days birding

Get the full Gambia and Senegal birding experience, with a chance to see all of the target species of this West African hotspot.

Day 1: From Kotu Creek, we will head to Lamin rice fields and Abuko for the first day's bring, before travelling to Kartong Bird Observatory (1).
Day 2: Enjoy the whole day birding at Kartong Bird Observatory and surrounding sites (2).
Day 3: Spend the morning searching for the specialities of Bonto and Farasuto before heading into Sengal  and the riverside location of Toubakuta (3-4).
Day 4: Spend the morning birding at Toubakuta before heading to Kaolack and the evening spectacle of the scissor-tailed kite roost (4-5).
Day 5: After a bit of local birding around Kaolack, we will make the journey up to St Louis, stopping off at some well planned rest sites for some gental birding (5-6).
Day 6: Spend the morning birding around the coastal wetland site of St Louis before travelling up to Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary (6-7).
Day 7: Take in the incredible bird diversity of Djoudj before a late afternoon trip inland to Richard Toll (7-8).
Day 8: A full days birding in the magical lands around Richard Toll, overnighting here for a second night (8).
Day 9: We will start the long journey back down to Kaolack , stopping off enroute for some regular breaks at some good roadside birding locations (8-5).
Day 10: We'll continue our journey eastwards to Wassadu, again stopping for regular birding breaks. Evening boat trip if time allows (9).
Day 11: Early morning trip into Niokolo-koba National Park to spend the day birding before returning to Wassadu for an evening boat trip (9-10).
Day 12: Birding locally in the habitat around Wassadu before travelling to Georgetown (9-11).
Day 13: Explore the channels and creeks near Georgetown for some specialities (11).
Day 14: Undertake some more boat trips at Tendaba searching the mangrove swamp for some additional targets before returning to Kotu to finish the tour (12).

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Note: There is an option available to be led by a Female Bird Guide on all tours across The Gambia and Senegal.

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