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Complete Tour Of The Gambia - 7 Days

Tour Overview

Begin your journey on a thorough Gambian birding journey that covers the vast terrains that make up This West African gem. Start with a morning song at Kotu Creek, then trace the coastline via Tanji and Brufut until Kartong Bird Observatory for a complete day of avian exploration. Then, you'll be in the wilderness of Gambia by spending the stay in the Marakissa River Camp and birding at Bonto and Farasuto before taking a peaceful evening cruise on the river Tendaba.


Take a break in the midst of the swamps prior to taking a trip into Georgetown to find the mysterious African finfoot is awaited in the streams. Continue on to Morgan Kunda for encounters with bustards in the open grasslands, and then a final day in the grassland and bush environments before heading back to Kotu. This tour blends riverine, coastal, and the inland habitats, this trip promises an unforgettable Gambian birding adventure, which will show the diverse avifauna within this tiny but fascinating country.

6 nights / 7 days birding

Add in a trip to Georgetown and its surrounding birding sites in the east of Gambia to complete the full Gambian birding experience.

Day 1: Spend the early morning birding at Kotu creek before hopping along the coast to Kartong Bird Observatory via Tanji and Brufut (1).

Day 2: Enjoy the whole day birding at Kartong Bird Observatory and surrounding sites (2).

Day 3: Having overnighted at Marakissa river camp, we'll make our way to Bonto and Farasuto for various specialities before making our way to Tendaba for an evening boat trip (3-4).

Day 4: Relax as we spend a morning exploring the swamps at and surrounding Tendaba before travelling to Georgetown (4).

Day 5: Go in search for the African finfoot in the creeks around Georgetown (5).

Day 6: Travel to Morgan Kunda, stopping off at some open grasslands to search for bustards (6).

Day 7: Spend the morning birding in the bush and grassland habitats surrounding Morgan Kunda before travelling back to Kotu (6).

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Note: There is an option available to be led by a Female Bird Guide on all tours across The Gambia and Senegal.

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