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Coastal Tour of Gambia - 4 Days

Tour Overview


Set out on an exhilarating birding experience through The Gambia's rich habitats with our specially tailored tour! Starting off by exploring Kotu creek, where an array of coastal species like herons, kingfishers and waders await, you will delve deep into avian diversity. Travel to Bonto and Farasuto for an immersive birding experience in lush woodland environments, encountering rare forest species among lush vegetation. Marakissa River Camp provides an idyllic getaway where visitors can unwind amid nature's peace and take pleasure in relaxing by its wetland while admiring an abundance of birdlife.


Continue our exploration by heading north from Kotu towards Kartong and its bird observatory before winding back through Kotu to Kotu. As we head along the coast, Brufut and Tanji provide opportunities to spot seabirds and coastal dwellers - adding unforgettable encounters and breathtaking vistas to any coastal tour in The Gambia. Be it for day trips or overnight stays - this journey promises an unparalleled insight into The Gambia's vibrant coastal treasures teeming with wildlife!

3 nights / 4 days birding

We will visit a variety of birding sites within close reach of Kotu, taking in all the coastal species. This tour can either be undertaken via day trips from your hotel in Kotu, or staying over at our destinations.

Day 1: An introduction to the bird life around the famous Kotu creek (1).

Day 2: Travel to Bonto and Farasuto to enjoy some woodland birding (2).

Day 3: Travel to Marakissa river camp to bird in the surrounding habitats and relax at the camp's wetland (3).

Day 4: Birding at Kartong, Gambia's only bird observatory, before slowly making our way back to Kotu, stopping off at the coastal sites of Brufut and Tanji (4).

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Note: There is an option available to be led by a Female Bird Guide on all tours across The Gambia and Senegal.

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